Monday, October 11, 2010


Okay. So I took a Calligraphy class from Melissa Esplin (so nice and so talented) during the ART WEEKEND and I LOVED IT. I was always interested in learning calligraphy but it seemed too hard to memorize all of the letters in a new way. That is why I loved Melissa's class so much because she emphasized the customizing of your own calligraphy style. A couple of days after the class I was brainstorming for a pretty card for my mom on her birthday when I realized that I should give my new hobby a try. So I found a beautiful quote and tried out writing it a bunch of different ways and this is what I came up with:

I was so pleased with how it turned out and my mom loved it too. I just wanted to thank Melissa for giving me the confidence to explore my own calligraphy style.

Alley Family Tree

I created this family tree for my dear friend Abby's wedding reception. Her special day was so beautiful and I was so honored to be able to participate.

Watercolor Birds

What a joyful subject to work on. I thought I'd try out watercoloring some cute little chubby birds and this is how they turned out.

Newspaper Ad Assignment

For this assignment we had to take the VERY generic name "Tandells" and turn it into a certain type of store. We chose R.E.I. so my ad is centered around certain items you may need for your next "Night Out On The Town". It was really fun to do the illustrations and thankfully, my sister Libby helped me with the copy. In the end, a very fun project.