Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Resume

My Favorite Poem

I created this for a Design class assignment. We were to choose our favorite poem and translate it into a work of art using any materials. The poem I used is called "Fall of the Evening Star" by Kenneth Pachen. I chose to use acrylics on bristol board. I really enjoyed the freedom that we had for this assignment and felt that through that freedom I was able to portray the poem as I saw it in my mind.

Collage in pencil

I created this for my drawing class. The assignment was to look through magazines and cut out things that we liked, then to paste them into a collage on an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper. We were then instructed to make a grid on the collage and redraw it in pencil on an 18 x 24 piece of paper. This assignment took me forever but I loved every bit of it. In the end I felt that it told a story of a woman's life and showed her, now aged, looking back on that life.

Michael- Portrait 2

This is a personal work. I took a picture of my husband on his favorite beach in Oregon while he was doing one of his favorite things: recording memories on video. I love that picture and I wanted to re-create it in acrylics on illustration board. I loved working on this piece because he was so happy there when I took the picture and being able to take the time to study and paint it made me appreciate him even more.

Michael- Portrait 1

This is another personal work of my husband that I did before we were married. It's done in acrylic on canvas. I wanted to show how being with him made my life wonderful and magical.

Candice In Wonderland

I was a nanny for an english family in France for ten months. I took care of a little girl named Candice and always admired her sense of imagination. I took a picture of her one day while she was playing with her mother's childhood doll and thought that it would be a perfect picture to pair with an imaginary wonderland. I didn't have many materials so I used the acrylics I'd brought with me and painted on the back of a piece of a cereal box. I framed it and gave it to her for Christmas.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Ben in the Uintahs

I created this piece for my father-in-law. It was done in charcoal on an 18 x 24 illustration board. It is a picture of him in his mid-thirties with his horse, Crow. The picture I used was taken just before they got lost for two weeks in the Uintah Mountains. He said that he lived off of a bag of beef jerky and a bottle of peanut butter. His shoes shrunk to his feet while in the snow and from that gave him foot-rot. At the end of the two weeks he finally found a trail and was able to get home. He is very proud of that picture and asked if I could recreate it in a piece of artwork. I loved working on it and was very excited to give it to him for his birthday.

Michael and Me

I was given an assignment in my Design class to create two self portraits. We could use any medium we wanted. I chose acrylics on a wood block for this one of my husband and me. I used the outline of trees because to me, they are perfect and when I see them I think of my husband. I used the dots in the background for variety and the gold outline for texture. I painted our hands on either side of the portrait showing our wedding rings. I wanted to include him in my self portrait because in the end, he is the one that makes me who I am.

Self Portrait in yarn

This was the second self portrait I did for my Design class. For this one I chose to use yarn with embroidery cloth, then nail that to a wood block. I chose the primary color scheme as my basic color palette and used a highly contrasted picture of myself for the portrait. I really enjoyed working on this because it had so much texture.

9 Squares Project

I made this piece for my Design class as well. The assignment was to make nine abstract squares and mount them together as one big square. We were to take a piece of paper and cut a 1 x 1inch square out of it. We were then supposed to find some pictures from magazines and use that square as our "view finder" to pick out abstract designs. My designs came from a picture of the edge of a cucumber, and the cheek and whiskers of a cat. I used wood, wood veneer, and masking tape for my medium. I really liked the depth that the different layers of wood gave the piece.

Card Ideas

I found a job listing for a stationary/card designer and thought I'd give it a go. So I created a series of designs to submit. I drew them by hand on white paper with black ink then scanned them into Adobe Photoshop to clean them up a bit. I didn't get the job but I really liked how they turned out.