Friday, December 11, 2009

Self Portrait in yarn

This was the second self portrait I did for my Design class. For this one I chose to use yarn with embroidery cloth, then nail that to a wood block. I chose the primary color scheme as my basic color palette and used a highly contrasted picture of myself for the portrait. I really enjoyed working on this because it had so much texture.


  1. Also, I love the red! And I guess since I said red would be neat when you suggested using it, I kind of get the credit for this whole portrait!

  2. Oh Jeer, I bet your art teachers love you to death, sweet sweet art death!
    ps, I love that you're doing a blog of your art! I want to commission you :) I'll be in touch! Also, lastly, I hope you're doing great! I miss you just a tiny, little.. huge bit :) ruv, rizzi davenport sorensen