Friday, July 29, 2011

Fun Gift: Calligraphed Book Cover

My brilliant sister, Libby thought up this adorable idea. Why not add a little flare and keepsake value to your next gift? Get an awesome book that relates to the person you're gifting to and then put a fun calligraphed inscription inside! Here are a few examples of wedding gifts that Libby and I have put together:

The book I wrote in for this one was "The Giving Tree" by Shel Silverstein... always a lovely choice. Such a special story.

The book for this inscription was "This is San Francisco" by M. Sasek. This book and the all others by this author/illustrator are ADORABLE. Excellent book choices. Unfortunately I took this picture with my not-so-great camera in very low light so it's a bit blurry but you get the idea.


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  2. So pretty. And even more so in person!

    I may have come up with the idea, but your calligraphy really makes these giftees SHINE!!!

    Thanks for being my go to "craft master general"!

  3. Awesome! You already know I am in awe of your talent. These are fantastic! And such a great idea!!

  4. Hey Jill, This is Cass Roberts(You and Michael were at my wedding last year with Vern). I too am in awe of all your talent and I was wondering if you could make me something like this. I desperately need art in my house. Let me know if you're willing/able.