Friday, July 8, 2011


Yes, it's true. I have been a total and complete slacker to this blog. Today I decided that if was going to continue on this blogging journey I'd need to update a few things. Hence, the new look!

Anyway, for this post I am highlighting my first installment, of many, for my & Michael's tee shirt project. We are developing a bunch of fun designs that we'll be printing onto American Apparel quality tee shirts (they are really great!) and we'll be selling them on Etsy. I'll let you know when the shop is ready!

The printing process is really quite fun! We'll be using sublimation printing. Unlike screenprinting, the ink will actually dye the shirt instead of sitting on top of it. So it will have zero hand feel, which I personally love. I'm so excited about it!

So anyway, until then, I'll be posting my ideas as I get them done.


  1. Jill, that "A" is really beautiful. I love illuminated initials and it looks like you're a master. Can't wait to see your t-shirts. Everything you do is spectacular!

  2. ...oh, and also love your logo. So elegant.

  3. jill, i think this is beautiful! also, i love your background tile and new website. great stuff!

  4. Gasp!

    First of all-love the new look of le blog. So "Jill" to me.

    Secondivly-love this letter business. I can't wait to see each and every one!

  5. Oh boy! An Etsy store, I can't wait! And the blog update is beautiful! Well done!