Wednesday, July 13, 2011

TEE SHIRT PROJECT: Least Like a Wolf

This is one of the more comedic t-shirt designs that we'll be offering... The concept behind this shirt comes from Michael's side of the family. They have a bit of an obsession with pitiful little dogs (and now I do too!) and having had 3 chihuahuas in their family, many funny little doggy jokes have come up. One of those being that those poor little things are the one breed of canine that is "Least Like a Wolf".

Hence, this design:

P.S. Notice the tooth?


  1. You're sure to capture the hearts of chihuahua fans with that one! Good work on the dog sketch, Jill.

  2. I'd say that Missy is our sibling that's least like a wolf. Don't tell her that-she'd be mighty disappointed.

    Love the tooth!